At TBA, we believe in simplicity because we know a simple solution can have a big impact. That was the case when
TBA heard about Andy Didorosi and his project Play Free Bird. It all started when Andy signed up to be a
Charger for the electric scooter craze that’s hit Detroit, and noticed scooters were going missing. When he
tracked them down at local apartment complexes, he realized there was a problem that wasn’t being addressed:
local kids were playing with the dead ones. “It struck me that it must really suck to be a Detroit kid in the
summertime and see these cool-looking scooters, but you’re technically not allowed to touch them – so I want to
do something about it,” Didorosi said. To Andy, this problem had an easy fix: get the kids some scooters of their own, and just
enjoy the fact that project Play Free Bird was born. This type of good-hearted, solution-driven thinking and entrepreneurial
spirit is something we can get behind, and so we did! TBA is a proud supporter of Andy’s mission, and with other
supporters have helped raise more than $6,000 toward scooters for Detroit children.

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