“Every plan is a new challenge and a new puzzle to solve.”


As a Trust Accountant, I reconcile annually valued retirement plans. I absolutely love it and it’s the perfect job for me.

I have a BBA in Finance and have worked in the retirement plan industry my entire professional career, although I’ve worn many hats throughout. I’ve managed SDBA accounts, processed QDROs, analyzed fund exchange requests, reconciled daily valued assets, managed qualified and non-qualified plans, and worked directly with participants and Plan Sponsors to resolve issues. I’ve processed financial transactions and corporate actions, produced participant statements, created procedural documentation, interviewed candidates, trained new colleagues and examined their work, assisted with audits, prepared monthly reports for the CFO, led special projects, coordinated work flows, and participated on data testing teams. 

I prefer working in smaller family-owned companies than in bigger corporations, so TBA is a good fit for me. I find it impressive that most employees have been with TBA for an extended period of time, which says a lot about how the company treats its employees. It also means that people here know how to work together. I plan on doing my part to constantly improve, share what I learn and help move things forward.

(248) 299-4100 ext. 270