We know that a competitive advantage starts with happy employees. Nothing makes them happier than knowing they’re being cared for – now and into the future. That is where we come in. However, designing your company’s benefit plan is just the beginning of our relationship. Listed below are services that we provide, as well as links to further information about the topic.


401(k) Plans – including matching programs and safe harbor
Contribute pre-tax dollars to the Plan and allocate contributions from a predetermined group of investments. You can also encourage employee participation by matching contributions to the Plan.

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Profit Sharing
Distribute a portion of the company’s profits to the Plan participants. The basis for such an allocation can be:
• Integrated
• Cross-Tested
• Comp to Comp

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403(b) Plans – including ERISA and Non-ERISA Plans
Also known as a tax-sheltered annuity (TSA) plan, these retirement plans are for specific employees within public education, and tax-exempt organizations, and are funded similarly to 401(k) plans by salary deferral contributions. However, they are constrained by regulatory limits.

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457 Plans – including corporate and governmental plans
Public employees, and paid non-profit employees, are eligible for tax-advantaged contribution plans that allow retirement savings without an early withdrawal penalty.

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Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plans
Businesses looking for maximum tax deductions and large retirement funding for owners, partners and key employees select these Defined Benefit Plans. Cash Balance Plans set deduction limits are based on actuarial funding rather than fixed dollar limitation, allowing the employer to make larger contributions and receive increased deductions.

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Custom Plan Solutions
Every company is different, and we know one size does not fit all in benefit administration. If your company has unique circumstances that require special consideration, we would be happy to discuss your options and custom design a solution for you.


Annual Valuation
An annual report provided to the plan sponsor that summarizes the activity within each participant’s account.

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Discrimination Testing
We will perform and provide the results of all tests for your plan type.
• ADP/ACP for 401(k) Plans
• Participant and Coverage Testing
• Deduction Limitation Testing
• Top Heavy Testing

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IRS Reporting
We will prepare the plan annual return (Form 5500), any necessary schedules or attachments, and a summary annual report for participants.
• Signature Ready Form 5500
• Summary Annual Report

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3(16) Fiduciary Services
We will provide services that alleviate some of the day-to-day burdens of Plan Administration requirements and Fiduciary responsibilities, including distribution and loan processing, enrollment and eligibility, and disclosure notices.

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Custom Solutions 
We understand that things happen. If your company has circumstances that require adjustments to your qualified retirement plan, we’d be happy to discuss your options for correction, and create a solution for you.