“I’m a big believer in the notion that a company that takes great care of its employees also
offers great service to its clients.”


Customer Relationship Managers fulfill a vital role at TBA. We offer clients dedicated, personal help with questions and concerns, and also direct more specific inquiries to an expert in that field who can provide answers and solutions. We help to streamline all collected data, which allows our team members to meet deadlines while keeping plans in full compliance. Personally, I appreciate connecting with clients and assisting them with their plans. Learning about my clients’ day-to-day lives and engaging in fun conversations not only raises client satisfaction, but also drives me to deliver great customer service.

I started in this industry more than a decade ago. I have a strong background in Daily Valuation, which is essentially the record-keeping of all trading activity for plans and their participants. Prior to TBA, I oversaw a Daily Valuation Team to ensure that each trade occurred promptly, and that all year-end reporting was done on time. I also created training materials that I used to instruct team members on processing trading activity, using applications and taking care of incoming calls. Being a part of Daily Valuation allowed me to interact and create working relationships with clients, financial advisors, custodians and participants. I also handled the administration side of the TPA business by performing annual data collection and the required compliance testing, including preparing and filing the Form 5500 series. My happiest moment is always when I can walk a client through the implementation process, explaining step-by-step the who, what, when and why of their plan.

Since becoming a TBA family member, I’ve enjoyed contributing my knowledge and experience to the success of our team and the company. Collaborating with my co-workers, telling industry-specific jokes, making finance puns – it’s all fund (get it :). One conversation can lead to so many interesting places – I never know what new thing I’m going to learn on any given day!

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